Fundraising Goals

Ah, yes, the money question.  There is no question that adoption is expensive.  I had hoped to save more money myself, but as most of you know, my job situation is a little wonky these days.  So ... I'm hoping to raise money for even these initial costs.  I thank you all for your prayers, support, and suggestions.  You are amazing!

Our current goal is to raise enough money to get the home study done.

Current Goal:  Remainder of Home Study Fees
Post-placement Service: $1200
Adoption Petition Finalization: $500
Child Abuse Clearances: $100
Certified Birth Certificate: $50
USCIS I-600A: $720
FBI Fingerprints for USCIS: $85
Court Costs/Delayed Registration of Foreign Birth/ Name Change: $450
Home Study Review Fee:  $300
Total: $3,405

Upcoming Goal:  Travel Expenses For First of Three Trips
Round trip flight: $2000
Hotel:  $400
Expenses:  $600
Total:  $3000

Thank you all so much for getting us to our first goals!!!
Completed Goals:
Application Part 2 fee:  $300
Educational Fees required with App Part 2: $200
Vet/Doctor Fees required with App Part 2:$200
Fingerprinting: $85
Total:  $785

Initial Home Study Fees
Preliminary Application Fee: $200
Application Review: $250
Home Study: $1,500
FAC Training:  $125
FAC Admin/Service Program Fee: $500
Initial Total:  $2,575

Adoption Agency Initial Fees
Initial Processing Fee: $4000
Total:  $4,000