The Process - and where we stand

Let me 'splain it to you....

1. Fill out and submit application part one.  DONE  12/19/11
2. Attend an online pre-adoption workshop and get a certificate. DONE  12/22/11
3. After all of the above are submitted, wait 7-10 days for an initial decision.  APPROVED!  1/3/12
4. Receive application part two.  RECEIVED 1/13/12
5. Fill out and gather all required materials. DONE  2/24/12
6. Wait 30-45 days for all to be processed.  APPROVED 3/13/12

7. Begin home study - two visits will take at least one month. APPROVED 10/3/12
8. Begin USCIS process and put together dossier. SENT OUT 10/27/12
9. With approval of home study and USCIS information/dossier, wait for referral.
10. After receiving referral, travel in 2-4 weeks and stay in Russia for 3-7 days.
11. Officially accept referral and meet child.
12.  Return to Russia after around 30 days for court date
13. Wait 30 days, travel to Russia to pick up child and file immigration paperwork.  Come home with child!!

***Changes are currently being made in the Russian adoption process.  The legislature has recently passed some changes in adoption law - the waiting period is changing from 10 days to 30 days.  I have been told to now expect to take not two, but three trips.  We'll see how that unfolds.