Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Two Sides of Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

I love Christmas. Love, love, love Christmas. And no, it's not because of the gifts. I love the spirit of Christmas - family, friends, pretty lights, getting just the right gift for someone else. And this Christmas, I got one of the best gifts anyone could ask for. My adoption agency finally found the little girl I had been looking for, and she is available for international adoption.

But this Christmas is bittersweet. Because while I get to be all excited to finally get the process moving, Tanya is still in a Russian special needs home. While I have heard good things about some of the women who work there, it is still an institution. And I have to keep reminding myself that Tanya won't just have the regular orphan issues - attachment, behavior, possible medical issues not disclosed - she also has the entire set of post-institutionalized issues. Images of mental institutions from the early 20th century here in America always pop into my head when someone trots out that term: post-institutionalized.

So my Christmas prayers are for her. My Christmas wishes are also, and maybe even more so, for those who surround her physically now. I pray every day that the caregivers are able to have patience, kindness, and love for the many children they have in their care day in and day out. I pray that they will love my little girl until I can get her home. While cannot imagine doing their jobs, I pray that God supports them as they somehow do. I pray for the other children - not just those in Tanya's home, but for all who are stuck in institutions while we celebrate in cozy houses with families gathered around decorated trees. I pray that God will keep Tanya safe while she is still so many miles away. And I pray that this will be her last institutionalized Christmas, her last Christmas away from her forever family. We believe in the power of prayer here at the Fisher house, so we covet your prayers as well. Will you join us?

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  1. From your lips to God's ear. I will be praying too.