Saturday, February 4, 2012

Learning Curve

Things I have figured out in the past couple of weeks:

1. Working a full time job, a part time job, and taking two grad classes leaves almost no time in your schedule for anything else
2. You can't cut T-shirts with a dull scissors
3. You can't shop for sharp scissors if you don't have time
4. You can't fill out adoption paperwork and 1040's if you don't have time
5. It's hard to keep up with a blog when working two jobs and taking classes
6. It's hard to organize fundraisers without time
7. Working in an 80+ degree classroom all day will start to scramble your brain
8. Running is a great stress reliever
9. Shin splints really hurt!

All that said, I am starting to get into the swing of things here . . . as much as can be considered. I did apply for the one school job I could find in the area, so prayers would be appreciated about this. I also actually had today off work (what?? a day off?!?), so I'll be getting a lot done, including tax and adoption forms and T-shirts.

I've heard a few other good fundraising ideas from some people that I'll be getting in the works. The goal thermometer to the right has been reset - with one goal down, we're on to the goal of raising the home study money. Thank you so much for helping us reach our first goal!!!

So -- please share the current information with friends, family, churches, etc. Scarves are officially available now - send requests for colors/styles by clicking the email me link to the right. See currently available scarves on the T-shirt Scarves for Tanya tab. The other option is to send payment with instructions - how ever is best for you!

Thanks again for your continued prayers and support. I could never fully express how much this means to me.

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